Build a bigger pipeline of clientele!

Retirement Architecture puts you in front of a universe of qualified prospects with proven, multi-media marketing efforts.

With record numbers of baby boomers at or near retirement age, now is the perfect time to build a bigger pipeline of opportunity. Working with Retirement Architecture gives you:

  • Exclusive Prospect assignments from their top-performing national TV commercial
  • Prospects are generally between age 55 and 70 years (mostly baby boomers)
  • Prospects are seeking tax efficiency and market-risk protection
  • Prospects are delivered via Retirement Architecture’s proprietary dashboard, caseIV
  • Guaranteed 33% prospect contact ratio
  • Six Month Subscription to RA’s new Magazine, “Deserve”
  • Extensive ongoing training
  • Live expert-presentation support available
  • Advanced Local Closing Support for large premium cases (>$50,000 FYP)

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A universe of opportunity, highly-engaged prospects and leads.

Guaranteed 33% prospect contact ratio.

Why Now?

COVID-19 was the catalyst for the third “economic-balloon burst” in the last 20 years. During the initial weeks of COVID-19, baby boomers witnessed a huge portion of their retirement savings vanish in a matter of days.

  • What would have happened if the U.S. Government didn’t quickly pump trillions of dollars into the economy?
  • What if the markets were allowed to collapse?
  • What if the “V” shaped recovery didn’t happen?

These “what if ‘s” were the inspiration behind the creation of Retirement Architecture’s national multi-media outreach.


Retirement Architecture networks

Reaching more than 150 million households, with viewers 50-75 years of age, with TV and video! Click a thumbnail to view commercials & videos.
Strike Three commercial
Ralph & Bob commercial - Retirement Architecture
Retirement Architecture 120 sec commercial
Bad Uncle Sam commercial