Providing Optionality for the road ahead. 

American General has created some products and features that give your clients options that no other carrier can offer.

MAX ACCUMULATOR+   A New Kind of Accumulation Index UL


The MAX ACCUMULATOR+ is a competitive product for clients looking to build cash value, but it’s true strength comes when you are looking at a Supplemental Retirement Concept.

Income for Life Rider

Give your clients the option to choose guaranteed income for life based on their Index Universal Life policy’s cash value.

Select Income Rider

Give your clients the option to turn their death benefit into a stream of income to replace the lost distributions that were expected with your Supplemental Retirement Concept.

With multiple index choices, including uncapped options, and the options it gives your clients for distributions the MAX ACCUMULATOR+ could be the right choice for your client.

View AIGs MAX ACCUMULATOR+ landing page for more details or give our Life Sales Team a call to discuss, 888.467.6755.

Secure Lifetime GUL 3   Protection for All Phases of Life

AIG has created the ability for your clients to get protection for one product whether they die too early, live too long or get sick along the way.

Die Too Early

Your client has a guaranteed death benefit to protect their loved ones in event they die too early.

Live Too Long

The Lifestyle Income Solution can give your client the opportunity to accelerate their death benefit to aid in a short fall in retirement savings.

Get Sick Along The Way

The Accelerated Access Solution gives your client chronic illness protection if they need to accelerate their death benefit for help paying for care needs.

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