Do you have clients ask you about senior health products? Now you have a place to refer those clients and earn a referral fee for doing it!

One Resource Group has partnered with AmeriLife Direct to give your clients access to senior health professionals that aren’t looking for any other lines of business.

Start Earning on your Referrals TODAY!

CLICK HERE of Call 888.467.6755

Why Choose the AmeriLife Direct Referral Program for your clients?

  • Transparent
  • Compliant
    • Keep calls on file for 10 years
  • Senior Market Leaders
  • Commitment (NO cross selling)
  • Agency Opporunity Available

Referral Fee Schedule:

  • $100 Medigap Plan
    • Plus 2 yr Renewal
  • $100 Medicare Advantage Plan
  • $50 Dental, Vision, Hearing Plan
  • $50 Hospital Indemnity Plan
  • $50 Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke Plan
  • $25 Prescription Drug Plan

*Reduced or Non-Commissionable Plans are Excluded

Why Not?

  • No AHIP
  • No Carrier Certifications
  • Lifetime Client & Agent Support
  • Simple, Professional, Compliant & Transparent

Do's and Don'ts

Frequently Asked Questions

Medicare Referral Platform Webinar