Mutual of Omaha Announces Instant Decision

Mutual of Omaha offers Automated Underwriting on the e-applications for Living Promise Final Expense and Term Life Express. You can deliver instant underwriting decisions and a faster underwriting process to your clients. Click Here for Details
Give Existing Term Clients A New Option

Give Existing Term Clients A New Option

Do you have clients with term life insurance policies coming to the end of their duration? Clients with no-so-good health have limited options when their term coverage runs out. It may be hard to obtain new insurance based on their health and conversion premiums can...


The insurance industry portal that protects you and your client. This simple, inexpensive solution guarantees compliance and protects you from liability. Click Here to Learn More

NEW: ORG Mobile App E-Ticket for Protective Life Webinar

Wednesday, May 8th: 1:00 PM EDT One Resource Group has added a new feature to it’s mobile app, a drop ticket life application for Protective! You can now run term life quotes and complete a drop ticket application for Protective right from our mobile app. Join us as...