June 9th, 2017 has come and gone. This page contains information as to changes that need to be made in your process moving forward and answers some common questions.


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DOL Rule Resources

Software Solution

ORG DOL Solution

Carrier Responses

DOL Enforcement Letter

Deciphering the DOL Rule

DOL Before & After

Alternative Solutions: Post DOL

We are here to help you navigate the solutions for a post DOL world. Below are a couple of ideas that can help you replace reduced commissions or your lost ability to sell Indexed Annuities.

Single Premium Whole Life

What could be better than an Annuity?
Well if your client is in good health and they want to leverage their money then why not a SPWL product?

♦Sagicor – SPWL Product Guide

♦Sagicor – SPWL Quick Guide

AALU: November Post-Election Advocacy Update

Listen to AALU webinar as Jeff Ricchetti, Ken Kies, and David Hollingsworth provide their post-election analysis on what the result will mean in Washington and for your business; including a discussion on the future impact of regulations on the industry and whether or not tax reform will happen in 2017.

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