Getting Started

In order to use the services which allows you, the agent, the most efficient way to do business, follow these steps and you will be on your way! Please set aside about 15 minutes to perform the needed steps to “set yourself up for success”:

  1. On the Contracting page, request the link to the new contracting and licensing tool, SureLC, to get contracted. If you have any questions, you may contact your Contracting and Licensing specialist for assistance.
  2. Select the Quote links from the product tabs on the left sidebar. For term quotes, select the Run a Term Life Quote link to run a comparison of carriers that will provide the best solution for your client. Print this quote so you can submit this along with the application. For other Life products, Annuity, Disability, and LTC, select Request a Quote to order a quote from ORG’s marketing staff. If you are unsure which is the “right carrier”, call or send an email to Tony Wilson of our Marketing team for assistance in carrier and product selection.
  3. Select the forms link and print the application forms.
  4. Either fax (260.918.2097), mail, or email the application packet to One Resource Group and you will be on your way to allowing our operations team to support your entire back office processing.
  5. Ensure the ORG cover letter is completed and for life business, notify our operations team if you would like our back office team to order the needed paramed requirements. We are happy to fulfill this need if desired.
  6. Access the status link to follow your pending application throughout the underwriting process and to communicate with your case manager throughout the process.

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