Seminar Marketing

See more qualified prospects in one month than most see in a year

Seminars aren’t dead…95% of the advisors aren’t doing them correctly. Seminars, when done correctly, will get you in front of more prospects in one month than most advisors see in a year. When working with One Resource Group, you will get more than 20 years of expertise in filling multiple social events from just a single mailing. You will learn the; best days and times to host seminars, what types of locations you should consider, what the average response rate is for your market, and much more.

One Resource Group has teamed up with RME360 to bring you a seminar platform that has been working for advisors for 20 years. Below you will see some information on the program and how seminar marketing can benefit your practice.

Presentation Deck from one of our webinars

View our webinar to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

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